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Kirin Group

Kirin Techno-System is a comprehensive manufacturer of inspection machines that supplies the only total systems to meet the versatile needs of the industry.

Company History

The company's roots begin between 1976 and 1989 when it emerged from the Engineering Department and Techno-Machinery Division, a division specialized in developing inspection systems of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

March 1976 Begins developing a high-performance Empty Bottle Inspection Machine for all plants of Kirin Brewery to cut the labor costs of visual inspection employees.
March 1979 Completes the development of high-performance CCD camera based Bottom Inspection Machine and deploys within Kirin Brewery.
April 1981 Completes the development of the Entire Empty Bottle Inspection Machine and initiates deployment within Kirin Brewery.
June 1984 Commences full scale sales of inspection machines to bottle manufacturers, bottling companies, and related industries.
April 1985 Develops a high-speed Empty Bottle Inspection Machine capable of inspecting all bottle exteriors.
May 1985 Initiates a business alliance with a West German food equipment manufacturer to export the detection devices for the bottling industry.
April 1986 The Empty Bottle Inspection Machine's sales penetrates the United States bottle manufacturing market.
June 1986 Expands sales of the Empty Bottle Inspection Machines featuring the inspection of multiple bottle types to the bottle manufacturing industry.
August 1987 Develops and sells inspection machines for the pharmaceutical industry.
September 1987 Conducts a business alliance with an American inspection machine manufacturer and begins exporting detecting devices for the bottle manufacturing industry.
August 1988 Starts selling Lot Number Reader of metal parts for automotive industry.
November 1988 Exports High-Speed Empty Bottle Inspection Machine to Southeast Asia.
November 1989 Opens the Kyoto Division.
January 1990 Becomes independent from Kirin Brewery as Kirin Techno-System Company, Limited.
June 1992 Starts selling the Kirin Vision Systems, general-purpose image processing devices.
November 1992 Exports Pharmaceutical Inspection Machines to Europe.
February 1993 Establishes Kirin Machinery Co. as a subsidiary specialized in providing after-sale services.
October 1998 Concludes a business alliance agreement with a French inspection machine manufacturer and starts importing and exporting detection systems for the bottle manufacturing industry.
January 1999 Acquires ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality management systems.
March 1999 Delivers the 1500th inspection machine.
April 2000 Merged Kirin Machinery Co. and organized After-Sale Service Division.
October 2001 Acquires ISO 14001certification, an international standard for environmental management systems.
September 2002 Delivers the 2000th inspection machine.
February 2004 Establishes KTS Optics Co. as a subsidiary.
December 2004 Opens Yokohama Division.
July 2005 Opens Korea Branch.
June 2007 Changes company name to Kirin Techno-System Company, Limited.
March 2009 Merges with Kirin Optics Co.
September 2009 Moves the Head Office to Kawasaki City, and renames Yokohama Division to Kawasaki Division.
October 2011 Merges Kyoto Division with Kawasaki Division.
December 2011 Delivers the 3000th inspection machine.
October 2017 Delivers the 3500th inspection machine.

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