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Kirin Group

Kirin Techno-System is a comprehensive manufacturer of inspection machines that supplies the only total systems to meet the versatile needs of the industry.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

1. Improving Customer Satisfaction - Customer-Oriented

  • Each of us will make it a high priority to respond to customer need, by considering the customer's point of view.
    Communicating with customers is also of great importance. Good communication leads to the development and refined improvement of products and services, resulting in a high degree of customer satisfaction.

2. Providing Safe and Reliable Products and Services - Quality Oriented

  • Each of us from Sales, R & D, Design, Procurement, Manufacturing, Installation, and After Sales Services will provide safe and reliable products and services in order to achieve customer trust.

3. Improving the KTS Brand

  • Each of us will improve the brand power of KTS by practicing customer- and quality-oriented products and services, and respond to the needs of our customer for a safe and secure society.

April 1, 2019
Hironobu Hosokawa, President
Kirin Techno-System Company, Limited

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