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Kirin Group

Kirin Techno-System is a comprehensive manufacturer of inspection machines that supplies the only total systems to meet the versatile needs of the industry.


Is there a fee for the feasibility test?

A There is no charge for the feasibility test.
If you can provide us with the samples of the defective products to be detected, we will do a feasibility study and propose an inspection system suitable for your needs.

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How about after sales services?

A There is a service center in Kanagawa Prefecture, that responds to trouble and periodic inspection requests. In addition, we have dedicated technicians to be contacted in the case of trouble during nights and holidays.

I want to have an inspection machine that is not listed on this website.

A Please consult.
We propose customized inspection machines to match the different needs of our customers at Kirin Techno-System.

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What are the actual results of sales?

A More than 2,700 units domestically and internationally in the ten years between 1999 and 2008.

What are the features of the inspection machines of Kirin Techno-System?

A In order to provide an inspection machine that best suits your needs, we design and manufacture a total inspection system with a conveying device and image processing system.

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Are the inspection machines expensive?

A The cost varies depending on the test object, the conditions and the test content, the line speed, and other items. We can make a proposal to suit your budget. Please feel free to contact us.

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