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Kirin Group

Kirin Techno-System is a comprehensive manufacturer of inspection machines that supplies the only total systems to meet the versatile needs of the industry.

Inpsection Machine Terminology

Electronics・Image Processing・Optics Edition
Phrase Description
RGB Lighting

A type of LED lighting suitable for testing as a combination that has three colors red (R), green (G), and blue (B).


An abbreviation for Man Machine Interface. It is a Windows application that connects KTS' inspection system to the PC. This software can change the inspection parameters for each product type and, depending on the settings, can also display alarms and warnings.

LED Lighting

An illumination device using LED. Compared to conventional lighting, it does not require lamp replacement and has reduced heating. However, compared to halogen lamps or xenon lamps, it is not bright and can not be used for all inspection applications that requires more lighting.

Carton Printing

1 carton represents a box. For beer, one carton has 4 packs of beer with a pack having 6 cans. However, the number of products in each carton is different for products. Thus, rather than a quantitative basis, such as one dozen = 12, it simply represents "one box". The carton printing indicates the characters printed on the box.


Pixels are units that make up an image. The word pixel comes from "picture element". It can also be called "dot". For example, one image is composed of regularly arranged matrix of pixels, expressed as "512 (H) × 480 (V), 245,760 pixels ".

Xenon Tube

The lamp comprises a glass tube, filled with xenon gas and electrodes to carry electrical current to the gas. This is often referred to as flash lights or pulses of extreme intense white light for very short durations.

Support Ring

Protruding portion of the preform shown with arrrows in the figure. When the preforms are transferred by a conveyor, the support ring portion is used to carry them.

Shutter Speed

Exposure Time of an Imaging Device. If a fast moving object is not captured with a fast exposure speed (short time) the resulting image will be a blur. However, with a short exposure time, the image will be dark. It must use bright lighting. and have additional lens adjustments by opening the diaphragm (aperture).

Strobe Lighting

High intensity light using a xenon lamp. It is possible to capture images of objects moving in high-speed or a very bright still image with strobe lighting, momentary flashes of high intensity bright light. Strobe lighting can be used up to 60 times/second, and requires time to charge the capacitor. This is not practical for continuous lighting. The lamps used have short life span and are expensive.


A sensor is a converter that measures a physical quantity such as pressure, flow, temperature, sound, and light, and converts it into an electrical signal. It helps a device know the external information.

Transmitted Light

This is one of the methods to use lighting for inspections. The light source for a transmitted light is installed behind the object and captured by the camera directly through the object.

Binary Image Processing

An image treated by setting a threshold on the grayscale image. It helps detect the presence or absence of an object, for the calculation of area, position, and angle. It has the advantage of short processing time with only 2 gradations compared to the grayscale image with 256 grayscales in the image.

Pattern Matching

It compares the reference image registered in advance and the image to be inspected, and calculates the degrees to match. Normalized correlation technique is used as a method to avoid the individual differences such as the size of the object, the color shading, and illumination variation.

Reflected Light

Another method of how to use the lighting for the inspection. The light source is installed on the same side as the camera so the camera captures the reflected light from the inspected object.


These are fibers made ​​of plastic or glass. In recent years, optical fibers are widely used in long distance communication and in high-speed internet. Fiber optics send light without slow down in long-distance communication.

Fiber Lighting

A light source using halogen lamps for light guides made of quartz or plastic. An easy to use light modulation feature that is very bright with decreased light intensity fluctuation due to the ambient temperature. However the lamp's short life-span of approximately 1000 hours is a drawback.


The original mold of the plastic container looks like a test tube. A plastic bottle is shaped by placing the preform in a mold, heating, and inflating by injecting air.


The leakage of the container. The pinholes, cracks, and defects on the mouth top during the molding cause leakage. A leak for a vessel is a fatal flaw.

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Handling Technology Edition
Phrase Description

A reject device with a combination of a high-speed solenoid valve and an air cylinder that ejects the products with defects.

Straight Conveying

A type of conveying system that transports the products linearly using the conveyor.

Reject Device

A device that ejects the products detected for their defects by the inspection machine from the line.


Connecting the driving shafts of several devices using couplings so that one source synchronizes the movements of all devices.

Rotary Conveying

A type of conveying system that transports the products on the circumference of a rotating disc.

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System Edition
Phrase Description
Image Storage Function

It is a function to store the inspection images into the hard disk of the PC, primarily used for traceability .
It can be roughly classified to following features:
(1) Saves all images that are inspected
(2) Saves only the image of the detected product
(3) Saves only the image of your choice

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